Waste of the West: Public Lands Ranching
by Lynn Jacobs

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Suitable for Online Viewing and Full-Sized Printing

Waste of the West Waste of the West is for people who care about nature. As much as an eye-opening educational tool, it is a call to action. Waste of the West is, and probably will remain, the most complete account of public lands ranching ever assembled. With easy-reading text and more than 1000 photos, drawings, cartoons, graphs, and charts on 602 (8.5" x 11") pages, Lynn Jacobs explores every facet of this obscure yet vitally important issue.

Copyright © 1991 by Lynn Jacobs

Second printing: December 1992 (features new cover art and corrects typographical errors of the 1st printing)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9629386-0-3
ISBN-10: 0-9629386-0-2

The pages of Waste of the West are presented here as high-resolution (300 PPI) PDF files suitable for full-sized printing on 8.5 x 11-inch paper. In general, the pages of each chapter are grouped together as an individual, text-searchable file. In rare instances, though, conversion by Adobe Acrobat of a scanned image file to a text-searchable one yielded distortion of text and graphics. I dealt with this issue in two ways. If the degree of distortion was great, I left the page as an image file and installed it separately from the chapter within which it occurs. I had no choice but to remove such a page from its chapter because the version of Acrobat used disallows the conjoining of image and text-readable files. The excluded image files are accessible through hypertext of the same blue color as are the text-readable chapter files from which they were excluded. For those pages whose conversion to text searchability resulted in only moderate distortion, I kept the distorted pages with the chapters in which they occur. The additionally installed undistorted, non-text-searchable (image) versions of these included pages are accessible through green-colored hypertext.

Front cover through Table of Contents
Foreward, Preface, Introduction (pp. 1–8)
Chapter 1: History of Public Lands Ranching (pp. 9–19)
Chapter 2: Public Lands Ranching Today (pp. 20–32)
Chapter 3: Livestock Grazing: Environmental Effects (pp. 33–201), (p. 149), (p. 151), (p. 161),
                   (p. 181), (p. 188), (p. 191)
Chapter 4: Range Development: Environmental Effects (pp. 202–345)
Chapter 5: Livestock Suffer, Too (pp. 346–354)
Chapter 6: Global Perspective (pp. 355–367)
Chapter 7: Welfare Ranching (pp. 368–371, 373–421), (p. 372), (pp. 422–423)
Chapter 8: Social/Cultural Issues (pp. 424–438), (p. 428), (p. 429)
Chapter 9: Politics (pp. 439–485)
Chapter 10: Benefits of Public Lands Ranching (p. 486)
Chapter 11: Justifications/Myths (pp. 487–519)
Chapter 12: Alternatives (pp. 520–540)
Chapter 13: A Future for Public Lands Ranching? (pp. 541–546)
Chapter 14: Get Involved (pp. 547–577)
Principal Literature Consulted, Index, Credits, The End (pp. 578–602) plus back cover

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